photo hereWilton Emergency Squad, Inc. is an emergency medical response agency at the advanced life support level serving the town of Wilton neighboring the City of Saratoga Springs in northern Saratoga County. Wilton EMS responds to over 1,700 calls annually and has approximately 50 members dispatched by the Saratoga County enhanced 911 system. The Wilton EMS district is approximately 36 square miles with a population over 16,000 residents and as many as 50,000 people during the day. Wilton is home to a large commercial district, many suburban neighborhoods, a 10-mile stretch of the I-87 Northway between exits 15 and 16, and 3 schools in 2 school districts. The summer season is typically the busiest for the Squad as many tourists and summer vacationers flock to the Saratoga region. Wilton is home to two fire districts (Wilton Fire Dept. and Maple Ave. Fire Dept.) which respond with Wilton EMS on all motor vehicle accidents and calls requiring EMS assistance.

Wilton EMS has many firsts for Saratoga County. WEMS was the first agency in northern Saratoga County to gain paramedic/advanced life support status and have an advanced life support first response vehicle. Wilton was also the first volunteer agency to have narcotics on all WEMS rigs as well as being the first to be equipped with AutoPulse™ and Continuous Positive Airway Pressure devices. Both devices are state-of-the-art and are on the cutting edge of the emergency medical field. The AutoPulse™ is an automatic CPR device that delivers consistent compressions to a cardiac arrest patient and frees up personnel to attend to other tasks during the arrest.


photo hereToday, Wilton EMS is a volunteer-based agency with paid paramedics on call 24 hours a day. Wilton EMS’ 25 volunteer members and 20 employees are certified in either basic life support or advanced life support NYS certifications. The Wilton EMS station is located off Jones Rd. between I-87 and Rt. 50. Wilton Emergency Squad has three ALS ambulances and an ALS first-response vehicle. The station houses two full kitchens, a six-bay garage (approx. 6,400 square feet), an oxygen refilling station, a state-of-the-art multimedia training facility/conference center with teleconferencing capability, sleeping quarters for ten members, personal gear lockers and a full decontamination center.

photo hereWilton Emergency Squad is also a member of the Paramedic Mutual Aid Multi-Agency Program with three other agencies in northern Saratoga County. The program is designed to ensure serious patients receive the care and resources needed by an advanced life support technician. The primary benefit of the program is the practice of Medication Facilitated Intubation (MFI). The program uses medics from Wilton, Corinth, Moreau and General Schuyler Emergency Squads all trained and credentialed in the MFI practice. In the event that a paramedic was to utilize the MFI practice, he/she would call to dispatch a “signal 41” where all available paramedics from the four agencies would rush to the scene to provide paramedic back-up.

Aside from the MFI and paramedic mutual aid program, Wilton EMS participates in the Saratoga County mutual aid plan to ensure ambulance coverage throughout the district from neighboring agencies in the event that more than one ambulance is needed at the scene or in the event of more calls than a squad can handle.